Energy Medicine at its best, practised at the highest level

“In a world where anyone can say that are are an Energy Healer, Maya is the real deal. Call her what you will. Healer. Mystic. Shaman. She gets you results. Whatever deeply troubles you, this woman digs deeper, sets you free, and brings you back to lightness and wholeness. I’ve worked with some of the best across the planet and Maya’s work is in the top 1% of anything I have experienced. Don’t wait another second. Call her.”

Jack Adams

Healing is a multidimensional experience

We are Multidimensional beings. There are so many aspects of us. Physical, mental, emotional and at the very core, the absolute essence of who we are is Spirit.

We are beings of Light and frequencies of energy. We live here is our physical bodies, made up of matter and ancestral memories (DNA), and at the same time, we are conscious, quantum beings that have a presence across time and space.

We are truly remarkable. And the truth is, whatever we know and believe to be true about ourselves and existence, we know but a fraction of the whole Truth.

Many therapeutic modalities have not yet acknowledged this and approach healing in a segmented way. That is why relief is so often short-lived and we find ourselves frustrated, feeling like a failure, and repeating limiting and destructive patterns over, and over again.

My passageway to healing, The MAYA Method, is a multidimensional approach that starts with seeing and accepting the totality of YOU on every level.  It brings you limitless possibilities for transformation, and because it works through every level of your being – Mind – Body – Emotion – Spirit and beyond, it is thorough and leaves no stone unturned.

Working with me and The MAYA Method will take you right into the CORE of your issue.

You get the deep dive, fast-track treatment that speedily breaks the pattern, completes the program and brings it to a close once and for all. You finally get the freedom and peace you have been looking for.

Connect with me here and lets discover how I can help you.

Blessings and Light,

Maya Mendoza

What Maya's clients say

“No amount of security
is worth the suffering
of a mediocre life chained
to a routine that has
killed your dreams.”

Maya Mendoza

Hello, I’m Maya Mendoza

If I had to put a label on myself and my work, I’d say that I am a highly attuned Empath, who has practised and honed her natural skills for over 45 years.

Energy Clearing is a powerful tool for healing.

I am an expert at wielding Energy Medicine tools and I have spent most of my life, 45 years in fact, learning to heal others by discovering how to heal myself.

I specialise in clearing and removing tenacious, stubborn, inescapable blocks and beliefs that are deep-rooted in our childhood programming and experiences  – you know the ones I mean – the ones that scupper and sabotage your success and interfere with you getting what you really want in life.

I’ve written two bestselling books on Spiritual Psychology and Holistic Healing and throughout the 90’s and 2000’s I was a regular ‘guest expert’ on Morning TV and have been featured in a number of trendy magazines and Sunday broadsheets.

In addition to my Private Practice I’ve worked for Fortune 500’s, The Ministry of Defense and British Airports Authority to name but a few.

My clients often tell me that I am the Healing world’s best kept secret and it’s about time that I brought my light to a wider audience. So, I’ve taken their advice and here I am.

How to connect with me

I invite you to explore this site and then get in touch as you feel inspired to work with me.

If you have an emergency situation,  wish to interview me, or have a question about my services please connect with me.

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