Maya Mendoza, using energy medicine to heal your mind, body and soul

Maya Mendoza is a full-time Energy Healer, Spiritual Psychologist and writer. She is the Author of the books The A to Zen Of Life Maintenance, Emotional Excellence and The Hidden Power of Emotions Intuition. Maya has been featured as an expert on Television and in the Media. She regularly conducts private individual, couples, and group healing sessions in London, internationally by phone and online. You can apply to work with Maya here


Maya’s Story

Maya’s extraordinary abilities surfaced after living through a near death event at age nine. She woke up from a three day near death experience (NDE) to find that she had been ‘awakened’.

It was way back in 1970 and here she was, a nine year old Energy Healer and budding Mystic living in a mainstream world world where very few people could relate to her skills.

Maya began experiencing Life in multidimensions. Through colours, vibrations and sounds, she discovered that she was able to access information about her environment, and the people in it.

Like every Empath and native shaman that had come before her, she was able to use her intuition, body, and senses to clear, balance and harmonise the unseen energies of the Universe.

In her 1970’s North London suburban home these were not skills that were understood so, wanting to fit in she tried to suppress and extinguish her Inner Knowing and Light.

Well it turns out that Universal Energy can not be suppressed and her attempts to hide that Light did not work.

Eventually, after years of feeling like the odd one out, she finally accepted her gifts and stopped trying to fit in. She, embraced her ‘weirdness’, and launched herself into  a lifetime of spectacular healing events, spiritual adventures and learning.

As a child, seeing things that others do not see was troublesome to start with, so rather than talking about her out of the ordinary, yet everyday experience, she simply sat silently watching, learning and observing. One day, in a flash of understanding,  Maya realised there were specific steps and keys to emotional and psychological transformation and freedom.

This set her on a mission to find the most effective way to harness and use them.

In the early years of Maya’s awakening there were few physical masters and spiritual teachers in her life. Her training came to her in dreams, and through strong intuitive feelings and knowing.

This inner guidance led her to see beyond people’s physical symptoms and emotional palaver and drew her into into dimensions where apparently small, but significant shifts in energies, created profound change in the people’s experience of thier physical  and emotional worlds.

Through the 70’s to 90’s she read hundreds of books on self development, energy medicine and spirituality and inspired by what she was learning,  qualified in a number of Mind, Body, Spirit healing modalities.

These include Shamanism, NLP, Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Healing Imagery and Reflective Meditation, Aura and Chakra,  DNA and Light Body Activation, Inner Space Clearing, Theta Healing, Medical Intuitive, Ro Hun, EFT, and MAP Method.

Her formal training continued until she had mastered the complexities of transformation and change.

Now, with 38 or so years experience as an Energy Healer her understanding of  the multidimensional human and spiritual existence is deep, flexible, profound, intuitive and well practised.

When coupled with her uncanny ability to hone into precisely what’s needed to resolve a problem or situation, YOU can expect nothing less than extraordinary and permanent change and transformation results.

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