“Before working with Maya I had a feeling of dread at the thought of talking to or in front of people I did not know. This fear was socially crippling but even worse than that, I have a party/celebration balloon business but was too scared talk to potential customers. Without fail, even the thought of it would make the heart pound, I’d get clammy and tongue tide and sick to my stomach.
After my first session with Maya I have been a lot calmer, more decisive & motivated. I definitely have more confidence than I used to, especially in groups.
I finally booked and showed up for the business course I had wanted to go to for months. I was happy introducing myself to everyone.  No more of that heart racing, stomach churning feeling. What a relief.
I’ve seen a huge improvement in my self-confidence. I have signed up 3 new customers this week which is a huge result for my business.
Thank you I can’t wait to see what happens after our next session”.
Laura Cadel