“I Just had an off the cuff session with Maya Mendoza after calling her in a sort of crisis. She very kindly took me on a journey through myself resulting in a fantastic breakthrough.
I have recently had a heart health scare and I have been dieting and swimming on my doctor’s advice. I’ve been feeling upbeat and positive about it all, but the last 48 hours have been really tough going. I’ve been feeling out of control and wanting to eat everything in sight.
Well, Maya and I had a conversation and what a result!  Not only have we quelled this hunger, but we also identified what was causing it and helped calm it and bring it peace while allowing its integration.
During the session, I felt an amazing gift of bright light grow inside me. It has been sent through my past and future bringing yet more peace and calm and possibility into my whole life.
I feel transformed. It’s a little unnerving as I am not used to feeling this way.  However uncertain I feel right now I am quietly excited at the prospect of this change and curious where it will take me. Thank you Maya, magic and miracles as always.”
Kane Templar