The Myth of Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage is a huge focus in popular psychology and in the world and business of personal development. The definition of self sabotage is when we perpetually and repeatedly behave in a way that creates problems in our life and interferes with long-standing goals. The truth is Selfsabotage doesn’t exist. It’s an un-resourceful myth that’s perpetuated frequently. This myth undermines people’s confidence in thier ability to achieve what they want, and it keeps people stuck.


Here’s my take on the reality of self sabotage, what it really is and how resolve it once and for all. 

Lest start by asking a few short yet deep questions. Take a few moments to consider your answers before you read on.

  • How do you know who you are?
  • How do other people describe you?
  • If you met a friend today that you had not seen for years, how would they treat you based on thier memory of you back then?
  • What would they expect you to do?
  • How would they expect you to behave?
  • Are you still that person?

Now, let’s just say that this old friend is your accumulated history. Your past. Your inner childhood experience. And that old friend is living and reliving your history with your adult self now, as if it’s all happening now. How is that going to impact your daily life?


Hmmm. Ponder on that for a moment. Feel into it.

What happened for You?

Is your past something that still walks with you? Might it shame or haunt you a little? Do you feel that it scuppers you or gets in your way sometimes? Would you like that to change… forever and once and for all?


There is a route to lasting freedom. Here’s how.

What I experience working with myself and with clients is that memory is ageless, timeless, unreliable and it lies!

This is because our brain is hard wired to enhance and diminish what we remember depending on the emotions we experienced and the beliefs we held about ourselves, others and our environment at the time the memory is formed, and every time we recall it.

Profound isn’t it?

The past (memories) only exists in our current awareness (this moment) if it is triggered or activated. When our memories are activated we are right back there. And in that moment we have a choice and an amazing opportunity.

We can stick with that rendition, or we change our relationship with it (and therefore ourselves).

How we interact with that event in our memory now will make the experience feel better or worse, more threatening or safer and empowering. Conscious interaction with it gives us a choice and a chance to change now, in this moment here, and moving forward.


Realise this: We are not victims of our past. We are conditioned to it.

New Science, Epigenetics shows that although we are addicted to our current habits our brain is plastic. This means that change is organic, natural and normal. We actually have the capacity to choose who and what we are in every moment.I realise that conditioning and habit is a powerful force to tackle. It takes about 67 days of conscious effort to recondition our brains and create a new behaviour and identity for ourselves.


It all starts with an acceptance and understanding that we are at CHOICE.


We are not stuck.

We are not doomed to repeat the past. We simply need to decide who we want to be and shift our perspective and identity to match our vision.

Isn’t it extraordinary that we are able to rewrite (code) our experiences and upgrade our neurological operating systems….. at will…. And truly become who we want to be.


How do I help make this possible for you?

I empower clients to delve into this ‘window of reconciliation’ through the passageway of myth and metaphor.

It’s an elegant and inquisitive way to step into an inner landscape with an artistic author’s hand. We can view the canvas of what we have and what we know about ourselves with curiosity and rewrite, craft and illustrate a new inner landscape and a fresh emotional outcome one story (metaphor or myth) at a time.

This is enablement. This is empowerment. This is self-responsibility and true self-love.


All energy is instantaneous.

Change really does happens in the blink of an eye, the beat of our heart, a single deep sigh of release and at the portal of our imagination.


We are truly masters of our inner universe and thus architects for the best we can imagine for our lives. We are magnificent creators. I’m here to help you remember that. Do connect with me to find out more.

💕 Blessings to everyone that has read this far. I appreciate you always. 💕



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