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One of the lessons of this past year for me has been about timing. Recognising the ebb and flow of Life, opportunity, preparation and readiness. Stepping up and into opportunity for growth and going with the energy and where it takes you even when the direction is unexpected.

What I’ve realised is this: To consciously create and receive what you need and desire seamlessly, you must be thoroughly present to yourself. You must get to know your own barometer of knowing.

KNOWING develops once you give yourself the gift of full attention.

Knowing is experienced by the level of peace and comfort (absence of friction, frustration, impatience) you feel in any given moment.

Knowing allows you to relax into that motion of receiving inspiration, and flowing into action in a state of joy and delightful anticipation (absence of fear or judgement). This often results in rapid, miraculous manifestation.

Knowing also allows you to relax into an inspiration and halt to take stock when something feels out of kilter.

Sometimes patience is required.

When the energy for what you need or desire is not quite present yet it needs time to develop (come into alignment). Often another action or attribute is required to support your vision before it manifests perfectly.

Impatience and lack of awareness are the enemy of success. Never force anything; conversations, friendships, relationships, attention, love. What flows naturally comes to you elegantly. Pacing, flow and timing are key to seamless creating. Perfect timing results from practising the art of ATTENTION, and allowing yourself to respond naturally.

Patience is not hope. It is a fearless state of knowing that the outcome is assured.

So why is this post entitled FLU and FLOW?

Well, I have been in alignment with elegant, seamless creation for months. I was about to ‘up my game’. Knowing kicked in moments before I hit the GO button and I had a sense to slow down. TIMING said take stock, assess my desired outcomes. Test my commitments. Check my compass.

BUT I had become comfortable and familiar with speed manifesting 🙂 This was my default now. It was becoming part of my identity. It was expected of me. I was moving too fast to be wholly present to myself. My epic, egoistic self was kicking in with all of its demands, expectations and fears. A sense of STRESS set in. Joy took a side seat.

My knowing sent up a warning flare.

I felt it, yet before I knew it my energy tanked and I had a sore throat …..That was 21  days, a good, strong fever, and several broken nights of sleep ago!

In conclusion FLU, and feeling “sick as a dog” for weeks has been a small price to pay for the opportunity to slow right down and get back into alignment with my core self again.


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