I don’t know what you did but it worked. Literally seconds after we completed the Relationship Clearing process I could not find a bad thing about my husband in my brain.

Prior to our session the situation had been utterly desperate. Life had become A MISERABLE hell. My husband and I had been living under the same roof, hating, resenting and ignoring each other for over 5 years. We were constantly bickering and at each others throats.

Now his moods are lighter, and he is talkative and friendly again. We are relaxed in each other’s company. Cooking and eating together, watching the TV of an evening. It is like we have turned back the clock to when we first married. We are happy to simply be.

What’s more amazing is that I cant even remember why we started fighting. My only regret now is that we did not come to see you sooner. Thank you so much.

Barbara Edwards