“There are NO f#&%ing words that could describe this amazingness… Nothing has changed in my life, yet everything is changed forever now.😂💪😍
“My name is Elvis and until recently I have been walking around with a sense of fear and dread for many years. It was like a rock in my heart. Fear was the first thing that hit me every morning as I woke and the last thing I felt before I drifted off to sleep
I had tense feelings and was always on guard,  afraid that something bad was going to happen to me. The only time I ever could feel safe and relax was after a few drinks.
So, I met Maya Mendoza at my work. I am a barista. Something about her made me tell her my stress problem.  She asked if I wanted to feel better. I was sceptical because I had just met her but I thought “She is a nice woman. Why not try”?
Two days later we met for a coffee in a busy cafe in Glasgow for a session  Maya asked me some questions and we had a conversation.  I felt very self-conscious to start.  All the fear was there with me. Then, as Maya talked it was gone. Like magic. Poof.
So I’ll say it again. There are NO f#&%ing words that could describe this sense of peace in me.  I feel light now. My life is not different,  yet everything is changed. I am the same man but I am a different, happier, more calm man.
Maya Mendoza it’s a miracle. What you did was amazing  Thank you