I was introduced to Maya while I was recovering and in treatment for drug induced psychosis. Sometimes I don’t know what’s real. It’s a hard thing not to be able to trust your own mind.

Maya helps you to reopen door in your mind that you have kept tight shut. She somehow makes the journey safe. so despite some emotional upset and discomfort I have willingly explored things I shied away from before.

Slowly over the past year I have learnt to trust my own thoughts and my own mind again. I have a sense of myself and I know the difference between the real me and psychosis. I am most grateful that she encourages me to be brave and live true to myself.

Viviana B read more

Viviana B

It is all but impossible to explain the stress of constant and harrying thoughts in your mind.

I do wish I knew how Maya works her magic because I’d bottle it. Within minutes of meeting her and even before I realised it the incessant inner chatter in my head had stopped and the fog cleared. The silence was such a relief, I felt a weight lifted off me.

Previously I was simply blundering through life on a short fuse. I was so used to being tense and angry I didn’t realise how tense and angry I was. Now with my mind more empty I can relax and connect with the deeper parts of myself and others. My relationships are so much more rewarding. This was a bonus I did not expect but am happy to receive. Thank You Maya

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Barry Browne

I can’t fully explain the openness and satisfaction of being comfortable in my own skin.

I have spent years being my harshest critic and trying to live up to the expectations of my parents and peers. I have been pretending everything was OK when I felt trapped and drowning inside.

Since working with Maya I’ve come to realise that I am the definition of my own success. I make the rules for my life and I’m OK as I am. I have changed my job. Taken up a hobby I had neglected, and increased my income by 200% simply doing what I love. I am so grateful to have found someone that encouraged ME to be ME.

Thank you Maya

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Jonathan Shaw

Before I had my sessions with Maya I felt the need for approval from most people in my life. I was daunted by the idea of starting a new job and my imminent move to a new city and I was struggling with panic attacks and feeling overwhelmed.

After my FIRST session I was immediately able to speak my mind without fear of disapproval from my friends and had a sense of self assurance I had never felt before. I could not even remember how to feel insecure!

Since then, I have noticed other changes – my self esteem has risen tremendously and I feel enthusiastic about both my present job and undaunted by what the future holds. I also feel the need to dress more smartly and have not felt overwhelmed or panicky at all.

Working with Maya is quick, effortless and effective. If you want change, don’t wait. I recommend you make that call.

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Mercedes Samuels

My doctor told me I had gone into an early menopause. More than anything else I want children so this shocking news felt like the bottom was falling out of my world. I had tried everything else to get pregnant with no result so when a friend from Yoga recommended Maya so I drove 100 miles to London to see her.

The AMAZING NEWS is that 3 days after my first session I had a period for the first time in 4 months.

I was so overwhelmed that I cried for hours. It felt like I was releasing months of fear and stress. I was really scared it was going to be a one off event but I got a second period this week. I feel hopeful again that I can be a mum.

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Sharon Gotlieb

You draw the magic out of people. It’s like you can see into my soul and bring the best of me to the surface.

Its hard to put yourself back in a box when you have been set free. I didn’t even know I was in a box or that I had made my world so tight and small. Thank god the lid came off.

My life is the same life as I had yesterday, but I feel totally different about it now. I have wings. I’m not sure how to use them yet but what are wings for if not to fly.

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Wilma Bashan

I am so looking forward to flying with success this year thanks to Maya

I have been working with Maya as my business coach and mentor since I was lucky enough (read “guided”) to meet her in August 2011.

I love working with her as she supports me on so many different levels: mentally with business pragmatism and monetisation focus; creatively with marketing analysis, ideas and expertise; spiritually with intuition, intuitive insights and healing.

The impact of Maya’s work is helping me to greound my visoinm stand in my power and be fully who I can be.

Janeen Sonsie

Founder of http://www.getrealcommunication.com

Janeen Sonsie

More important than what you have done for me, you have given me my wife back.

Looking in her eyes I can see girl I knew and married; happy, joyful, fearless and fun. I feel like I am walking on air and the luckiest fella alive.

Thank You

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Joe Gold

When I met Maya I was certain I could no longer function as a whole person in my life. I was immersed in a web of negative thinking, suffering ill health, terrified of what the future might hold and having daily panic attacks.

Now I feel like have been given a new lease of life. I look younger. My health has improved. My blood pressure is normal. I’m sleeping well, I have patience again, and it is effortless to think and act clearly.

After years of pain and anxiety I have turned a corner, never to look back. Thank you a million times over.

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Elaine Gold

I had a 8 year history of depression and self-harming. After 12 months of feeling quite good about life I found myself getting night terrors again and thinking suicidal thoughts.

I called Maya. We spoke for about 10 minutes. All the while I could feel sensations in my body as she was scanning me.

As we talked a calmness came over me. I felt my mood lifting. Minutes later the incessant negative talk in my head went quiet and I felt weeks of tension fall away. I had my first good nights sleep in ages and I woke feeling rested and calm.

Next day Maya and I did a full two hour session. Two weeks on I am happy to report that I am sleeping well and feeling much more positive and proactive about life.


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Daniel Phillips